5/2014 - It is with great excitement that the a.T. skin care company announces their global shipping service has launched. The a.T. skin care company credits their loyal clients, customers, and fans for inspiring the expansion. Customers around the world can now visit www.atskincare.com with the convenience of shopping from home, and having their orders shipped around the world. a.T. skin care reports shipping internationally is easy as ever. At checkout, customers simply use the drop-down menu to select their country and complete their address. As an added convenience, the a.T. skin care company provides a customs label with tracking information once the order has shipped.
01/2014 - What has become a spirited tradition, the a.T. skin care company thanks the clients and customers who made purchases on atskincare.com during our Toys for Toys gift giving event. Purchaes made during the event made it possible for the a.T. skin care company to donate new, unused toys into their nearest Toys for Tots drop box several times throughout the season. Thanks go out to Toys for Tots for their admirable mission, as well as our customers, supporters, and fans of the a.T. skin care company who made the donations possible. The a.T. skin care company looks forward to being a warm part of your 2014.
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atskincare.info - In the spirit of giving, the a.T. skin care company enthusiastically announces the beginning of our annual aT toys 4 tots program! Starting NOW – December 31, 2014 EVERY product purchased from atskincare.com , the a.T. skin care company will donate 2 new, unused toys into the Toys for Tots toy box! This is a happy tradition that allows us to give throughout the remainder of the year! With our 2-for-1 offer, each atskincare product purchased on atskincare.com will automatically add 2 new, unused toys into the Toys for Tots toy box. There are no codes to remember or extra steps to take to participate! Any atskincare brand product purchased on atskincare.com qualifies to add 2 products into our Toys for Tots toy box! We endeavor to make several drops again this year, and we thank our clients, customers, fans, and followers in advance for helping us spread some cheer! Remember: This is 2 toys per Item, NOT per order! So each product we ship to you, we will be putting 2 new, unused toys into the Toys for Tots toy box! THANK YOU to everyone who made previous years gift giving fun and rewarding, and are teaming with excitement to get this years program underway! atskincare, @atskincare, #atskincare, #aTtoys4tots, #SpreadSomeCheer, #toys, #ThankYou, #GiftGiving, #rewarding, #excitement
atskincare.info - Amid 2 quarters of near silence from atskincare marketing campaigns, the a.T. skin care company finally unveils the first phase of their global expansion. True, parts of the expansion are ‘hidden in plain sight’: The a.T. skin care company maintained product replenishment and overall operations while the back-office operations seamlessly transitioned to the upgraded systems. The first phase of the expansion updated their website format allowing for an eye-appealing setup that is more mobile friendly (with the option of using the desktop version if clients prefer). The next roll-out allowed for a greater product selection in several categories. The aT eye treatments, for example have more than doubled from 5 treatments to 11! Each new product will enjoy a ‘spotlight-on…’, and will be properly introduced throughout the next 2 quarters. However, new products are already integrated into atskincare.com and are available for order. As the updates progress, we will be honored to share the updates with you. Last, but certainly not least: We would like to express a heart felt THANK YOU to our loyal clients, supporters, fans, and followers. Our focus never strays from providing world-class service, and offering you the finest collection of a.T. skin care products for your well-being and enjoyment. You are the sole reason we strive to exceed our own standards of excellence while maintaining the upscale service you’ve come to enjoy. We wish you the very best for each New Year to come. Thank you. Sincerely, a.T. skin care company atskincare.com
First off, we with to give a heart felt thanks to clients and customers who have already made purchases during our #aTtoys4tots campaign. As we reach the half-way point of the month, the a.T. skin care company announces their expansion of their donation and gift-giving options! NOW - December 31, 2014 the a.T. skin care company has made their aT forever calendars available for purchase on atskincare.com . In addition to the #aTtoys4tots campaign, there are three additional charitable organizations listed on our website that can benefit from every purchase of an aT forever calendar. For each aT forever calendar purchased (priced at $10): The a.T. skin care company will ship you the calendar with gift box, and donate $10 to the charitable organization selected. Remember: aT forever calendars also qualify for the #aTtoys4tots campaign, so in addition to the $10 donation to the charitable organization you chose, the a.T. skin care company will also gift 2 new toys for Toys for Tots. Additional information regarding the charitable organizations are available on www.atskincare.com under the 'aT donations and gifts' tab. #atskincare #aTtoys4tots #donation #SkinCare #GiftIdeas #FeelGoodPurchase
NOW-DEC 19 2014 - The #USO is DOUBLING OUR #Donations! Each $10 aT forever calendar purchased will allow us to donate $10 to the USO. With the matching offer, it will count for TWICE AS MUCH! We have today, and tomorrow to make this count, so please #GiveIfYouCan! #ThankYou for your continuing support through the #Holiday season! Please visit atskincare.com under the 'aT donations and gifts' tab to find the aT forever calender with the USO donation offer. Thank you, and wish you enjoyable holiday moments. #USO #donation #donate #GiftGiving #DoubleYourDonation #NobleCauses #atskincare #FeelGoodPurchase #BetterToGiveThanReceive
atskincare.INFO - As discussed in previous posts, the a.T. skin care company has been working behind the scenes to expand their products and services, as well as strengthen their online web platforms. Starting January 4, 2015 atskincare.com will be transitioned its new website platform. The upgrade will bring many benefits to our clients and customers including a smoother browsing experience, and a mobile-friendlier design. The a.T. skin care company is excited to upgrade to its new platform, but is happy to announce its current format will be available for clients who prefer the original setup. Effective immediately, the old website platform will be available by visiting www.atskincare.net. The a.T. skin care company will still maintain the 'old' site (now being referred to as atskincare.net), but it will be updated to reflect the new atskincare products that will be coming out in the New Year. As always, we have our clients, customers, wholesalers, retailers, fans, and followers to thank for our opportunities to expand. This includes our technical expansion, but also for the new products that are currently available on our website, and for entire new categories that we will be announcing within very soon. Thank you for your continued support as we add the finishing touches to our transition. As always, please contact us if you have any questions, needs, or suggestions. Happy New Year! Sincerely, a.T. skin care company | atskincare.com keywords: atskincare, HappyNewYear, transition, upgrade, website, expansion, online, benefits, MobileFriendly, excited, announcement, retail, wholesale, opportunity, NewProducts, support